Best Wall Mount For Sony Bravia 55 Inch TV

Wall mounts are a great way to save space, and they can be a more aesthetically pleasing option than other types of television stands. If you have a Sony Bravia 55 inch television, there are a few wall mounts that would be a great fit. We have researched and found the three best wall mounts for Sony Bravia 55 inch TV. So, Let me get started.

Best Wall Mount For Sony Bravia 55 Inch TV

Pipishell Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket for LED LCD OLED 4K Flat Curved Screen TVs Ultra Slim Mounting Bracket Space Saving

Are you looking for a TV wall mount that is compatible with most 23”-55” inch LED LCD OLED flat screen/curved TVs? Look no further than our Universal TV Compatibility fixed TV wall mount!

This mount fits Sony Bravia 55 inch TVs up to 99lbs and is VESA pattern compatible with 400×400 to 100×100 mm patterns. This LCD/LED wall mount bracket is fixed with an open frame design, simple low profile tv mount structure looks sleek and slim.

This Fixed wall mount can place your TV close to the wall, 1.26 distance from the wall allows more space to organize power sockets and wires, greatly increasing neat and beautiful decor for TV mounting. Built with strong heavy-duty steel and corrosionresistant powder-coated finish to ensure its strength in a prolonged mounting environment.

It has an antislide baffle for preventing accidents from slipping off. Featured quick release and lock enhance more stability and safety while increasing flexibility to upgrade a better viewing experience. This TV mount package comes with all necessary hardware for mounting, 123 simple installation, and an easytounderstand instructions manual that allows you to enjoy the pleasure of installation as a professional.

Easily hang your television on 816 wood studs with standard hardware, please do not mount it on the drywall alone. It offers an ergonomic flat tv mount for our customers. 24hrs online customer service team will ensure your problem can be solved quickly.

Highlighted Features;

1. Fits Sony Bravia 55 inch TVs up to 99lbs

2. VESA pattern compatible with 400x400 to 100x100 mm patterns

3. Fixed with an open frame design

4. 1.26 distance from the wall

5. Quick release and lock

Pipishell Low Profile Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 Inch LED LCD OLED Plasma Flat Curved Screen TVs Large Tilting Mount Fits 16-24 Inch Wood Stud

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The Universal Compatibility TV Mount is an ultra-strong TV mount that fits most 37-70″ TVs weighing up to 132lbs of major TV brands. It is also VESA compatible from 200x100mm to 600x400mm. This mount can be conveniently mounted on 16 to 24 wood studs walls and concrete/brick walls. Not only is this mount incredibly sturdy, but it is also fixed a mere 1.44” to the wall to save space in your living room or home.

It also comes with a built-in tilt feature that allows you to tilt down 7 degrees for sony Bravia 55 inch TV, so you can choose the healthiest and most comfortable position while reducing glare and neck/eye strain.

This tilting TV wall mount also has an open wall plate design allowing it to be mounted directly over electrical outlets for a super clean installation. Breezily locks and releases your TV with pulling cords and the elegant panel edges prevent your TV from slipping off.

This mount comes with all the required mounting hardware needed, as well as a detailed English graphical installation guide that is actually useful. You can also check out their installation video in position 7 in the pictures. They are so confident in the construction, strength, and durability of this TV wall bracket that provides 5-year friendly customer service that makes every purchase risk-free.

Highlighted Features:

Fits most 3770 TVs

Weighs up to 132lbs

VESA compatible

Tilts down 7 degrees

5year warranty

Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount Swivel and Tilt for Most 42-75 Inch Flat Screen TV UL listed TV Mount Bracket with Articulating Dual Arms

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Mounting Dream universal TV wall mount is designed to fit Sony Bravia 55 inch TV, weighing up to 100lbs. It also has a max VESA of 600mm x 400mm and is compatible with 16 wood studs spacing. One of the best features of this mount is its full motion capability. It tilts the TV backward 5° and forwards 15° to reduce screen glare, and can also swivel the TV +/- 45° to cover different viewing positions.

Plus, it extends out to 16.6 and retracts back to 2.5“, so you can point the TV where you want it without it sticking out too far from the wall. And if you need to make any adjustments after installation, the +/- 4° postinstall leveling will give you the flexibility you need.

This mount is also solid as a rock, thanks to its 6 articulating arms and construction from highquality coldformed steel. Plus, it comes with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware, so you can get it installed quickly and easily.

Highlighted Features:

Fits Sony Bravia 55 inch TV

Weighs up to 100lbs

Max VESA of 600mm x 400mm

Compatible with 16 wood studs spacing

Full motion capability

Buying Guide for Best Wall Mount For Sony Bravia 55 inch

There are many different types of TV wall mounts available on the market. When purchasing a TV wall mount, it is important to consider the VESA size of your television and the type of mount that will fit your television. The Sony Bravia 55 inch is a large television, so it is important to purchase a wall mount that is designed to hold a television of that size.

1. VESA Size and weight of the television:

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a TV wall mount is the size and weight of the television. The mount must be able to support the weight of the TV.

2. Type of mount:

There are three types of TV wall mounts: fixed, tilt, and full motion. Fixed mounts attach to the wall and do not allow the television to be moved, while tilt mounts allow the television to be moved up and down, but not side to side. On the other hand, a full motion wall mount allows the TV to be up and down, side to side, and also moving forward and bacward.

3. Distance from the wall:

Another factor to consider is the distance from the wall. The mount should be positioned so that the television is close enough to the wall to be secure, but not so close that it is difficult to view.

4. Features:

Some mounts come with features such as a tilt function and extension arms that can extend the distance from the wall.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Know Which Wall Mount To Buy For My Tv?

The wall mount you buy for your TV will depend on the VESA size and weight of your TV. You’ll also need to consider the type of wall you’re mounting the TV on and the thickness of the wall. There are a variety of different wall mounts available, so be sure to do your research to find the best one for your needs.

Can A Sony Bravia 55 inch Tv Be Wall Mounted?

Yes, a Sony Bravia TV can be wall-mounted.

How Do You Mount A Sony 55 Inch Tv On The Wall?

First, find the studs in the wall where you will be mounting your TV. Then, use a stud finder to locate the best spot. Once you have found the studs, use a level to make sure the TV will be level. Next, use a drill to make a hole in the wall big enough to fit the TV wall mount. Finally, attach the TV wall mount to the wall and attach the TV to the wall mount.

Are TV Wall Mounts Universal For All TVs?

TV wall mounts usually come in different sizes, so it is not always universal for all TVs. It is best to measure the size of your TV and then find a mount that is the corresponding size.

Do All Tv Wall Mounts Fit All TVs?

There is no definitive answer to this question since TV wall mounts vary in size and shape. However, most TV wall mounts should be able to accommodate most TVs as long as the mount is the appropriate size for the TV. It is important to always check the specifications of the TV wall mount to ensure that it will be compatible with the TV.

How Do I Know What Size Tv Mount Will Hold?

To determine the size of the TV mount that is needed, the weight of the TV must be considered. The size of the mount will be determined by the weight of the TV and the size of the mount. There are many different sizes of mounts available, so it is important to select the mount that is the right size for the TV.

How Do I Know What Tv Mount To Get For My Tv?

To determine which TV mount to get for your TV, you will need to consider the size of your TV and the type of mount. Some mounts are designed specifically for flat-screen TVs, while others can be used with a variety of different TV sizes. It is also important to consider the weight of your TV and the type of wall you are mounting it on.

Do All TVs Use The Same Wall Mount Screws?

Most TVs use the same screws for wall mounts, but there are a few exceptions. Some Samsung TVs use M8 screws, while some LG TVs use a proprietary type of screw. Make sure to check your TV’s specifications to confirm the type of screws required.

Are Tv Wall Mount Screws Universal?

There are different types of screws that can be used for TV wall mounts, so it depends on the specific mount that is being used. However, most TV wall mounts use screws that are specific to the mount, so it is not likely that screws from one mount will work with another mount.


After researching hundreds of products we have found above mentioned three best wall mount for Sony Bravia 55 inch TV. Now, You can choose the best one that suits your needs.

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