Best Full Motion Wall Mount for 55-inch TV – Top 3 Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQs & More

A full-motion wall mount allows you to move your TV up and down, left and right, and tilt it up and down. This type of mount is ideal for people who want to be able to move their TV around to get the perfect viewing angle.
In this article, I have selected the three best full-motion wall mounts for 55-inch TV based on high quality, user reviews, and ratings.

Best Full Motion Wall Mount For 55-inch TV

Best Budget swivel Tilt Full Motion Wall Mount For 55-inch TV with Height Adjustment

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The Everstone Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Height Adjustment is just what you need to effortlessly mount your 55-inch LED, LCD, or OLED flat-screen TVs up to 121 pounds in weight and has a universal VESA mounting pattern, making it compatible with all 55-inch TVs.

With its height adjustment feature, you can easily adjust the height of your TV to ensure that you get the perfect viewing angle, regardless of your seating arrangement.

Highlighted Features:

  • The Everstone Full Motion TV Wall Mount is well-built and very sturdy.
  • It has a 16″ wood stud spacing and is able to hold TVs up to 121 lbs in weight.
  • The mount has a height adjustment range of 16.93″ to 27.56″, which is great for accommodating different TV sizes.
  • The mount offers a 45-degree tilt, 180-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation for optimal viewing flexibility.
  • The installation process is relatively simple and straightforward.

Best-rated Adjustable Full Motion wall mount For 55-inch TV with Articulating Dual arms extension

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JustStone TV bracket is the perfect way to wall mount your LED, LCD, OLED, or QLED curved TV. It is made of high-quality materials and has a user-friendly design. This bracket fits 55-inch TVs and can be adjusted to different heights. The articulating arms and dual tilt adjustment make it easy to view your TV from any angle. This bracket also holds up to 121 lbs and has a VESA max of 600x400mm.

Highlighted Features:

  • The TV wall mount is very sturdy and well-built.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • The height adjustment feature is a great added bonus.
  • The tilt and swivel capabilities are great.
  • The mount holds a lot of weight and is very durable.

Best slim Full Motion swivel tilt smooth extension TV Wall Mount with Fluid Motion Design

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Looking for a premium full-motion TV wall mount that will make your viewing experience even more enjoyable? Look no further than the Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount. This mount can hold TVs up to 90 in size and weighs up to 130 lbs and supports VESA patterns from 100*100 to 600*400 mm.

This mount also offers smooth extension, swivel, and tilt so you can perfectly adjust your TV to the perfect angle. Make your TV viewing experience even more enjoyable with Sanus! With its brushed black finish and fluid motion design, this mount is sure to complement any decor.

Installation is simple and quick with the included hardware and instructions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Well-made, sturdy mount that can hold TVs up to 90″.
  • The mount has a fluid motion design that provides smooth extension, swivel, and tilt.
  • Easy to install and can be adjusted to fit most TVs.
  • The mount has a beautiful brushed black finish.
  • The mount is a great value for the price.

Buying Guide for best full motion wall mount for 55-inch tv

Some factors you should know before buying a wall mount for your 55-inch TV.

1. Price: One of the first things you’ll want to consider when purchasing a full-motion wall mount for a 55-inch TV is the price. Full motion mounts can range in price from around $25 to $200 or more, so it’s important to decide what your budget is before you start shopping.

2. Weight Capacity: Another thing you’ll want to consider is the weight capacity of the mount. Most mounts have a weight capacity of around 55-80 pounds, but some mounts can hold up to 150 pounds or more. Make sure to select a mount that has a weight capacity that is equal to or greater than the weight of your TV.

3. VESA Compatibility: Another important factor to consider is the VESA compatibility of the mount. VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association, and it is the standard measurement for the size and spacing of the mounting holes on the back of a TV. Make sure to select a mount that is compatible with the VESA measurements of your TV.

Frequently Asked Question

Is It Safe To Mount A 55-Inch Tv On The Wall?

It is safe to mount a 55-inch TV on the wall, but it is important to use the appropriate mounting hardware and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How Do I Know If My Tv Can Be Wall Mounted?

There is no definite answer, as each television is designed differently. The best way to find out if your TV is mountable is to consult the manufacturer’s specifications.

Can A 55 Inch Tv Be Mounted On The Wall?

It is possible to mount a 55-inch TV on the wall, but it depends on the type of mount and the strength of the wall.

Which Full Motion Tv Mount Is Best?

There is no definitive answer for which full-motion TV mount is best. Ultimately, it depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Some mounts offer more flexibility in terms of movement and angle adjustment, while others are more affordable. It is important to consider the size and weight of the TV as well as the type of wall or surface the mount will be attached to.

Can You Mount A 55-Inch Tv On Drywall?

TVs are typically heavy, so unless you have a lot of experience mounting TVs, it’s best to have a professional do it.

Can You Put A 55-Inch Tv On A Plasterboard Wall?

Most TVs come with a range of VESA mounting dimensions, which is the industry-standard measurement for the size and spacing of screws that hold the TV to the wall mount. TVs that fall within the 100x100mm to 600x400mm range should be able to fit a plasterboard wall. However, it is always best to consult the TV’s weight handling specifications to ensure that the wall can support the weight of the TV.

Does A Tv Mount Have To Be On Two Studs?

It’s not necessary to mount a TV on two studs, but it is recommended for stability. Without two studs to secure the mount to, there is a greater chance the TV will fall off the wall in the event of a strong gust of wind or if someone accidentally bumps into it.

How Much Weight Can A Single Stud Tv Mount Hold?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific make and model of the TV mount in question. However, most single-stud TV mounts can safely hold a weight of up to 50 pounds.

Is A 55 Inch Tv Too Heavy To Mount?

It depends on the mount. A standard mount can typically hold up to 65-inch television, but if you have a heavy-duty mount, it may be able to hold a television that is heavier.

Can You Mount A 55-Inch Tv On Drywall No Studs?

It is possible to mount a 55-inch TV on drywall no studs, but it will require some additional support. One option is to use a wall mount designed for TVs that are not mounted to a stud. These mounts typically use a series of screws and anchors to secure the TV to the wall. Another option is to use a bracket that attaches to the back of the TV and then screws into the wall.


After thoroughly researching the best full-motion wall mounts for 55-inch TVs, I have found above mentioned three products. Now, it is time to select the perfect one based on your needs. Please leave us a comment on what you think about these products.

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