Best 50 Inch Plasma TV Wall Mount

A 50 inch plasma TV wall mount is a great way to get the most out of your television. By mounting your TV on the wall, you can save space and make your television more visible.

With so many 50 inch plasma tv wall mounts on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs.

In this article, I will introduce you to the best 50 inch plasma TV wall mounts. I will also provide you with a buying guide to help you choose the right mount for your needs.

Best 50 Inch Plasma Tv Wall Mount


Heavy Duty Full Motion TV Bracket for 50 Inch


If you are looking for a quality full motion TV wall mount, this option is perfect for you.

This TV mount fits most 42 – 90 in. TVs and is compatible with Samsung, LG, TCL, Sony, Vizio, and Toshiba models. The wood stud spacing can be up to 24 inches which is excellent as well. 
This mount can hold TVs up to 132lbs and has a VESA compatibility of up to 800 x 400mm. With this specific bracket model, you will be able to easily swivel, tilt and extend your TV to whatever angle you feel most comfortable. The installation is also a breeze, thanks to the help of the built in handles and clips. 


Highlighted Features:

1. Tilt, swivel and extension movements allow for great viewing angles.

2. This heavy duty bracket can easily take the weight of your 50inch TV.

3. 24 inch long wall plate. Perfect for wall studs that are more separated than others.

4. Works for wood & concrete, and instructions make installation an easy task.


Extentable Wall Mount For 50 inch Flat and Curved TVs


This TV wall mount bracket is designed for most 50″ – 90″ LCD LEDs, and even curved TVs. The full -8° tilt range is perfect for small or limited spaces. It can hold up to 165 lbs weight and has a max VESA pattern from 200*100 to 600*400.

Perfect for mounting on wooden studs, concrete, and also brick walls. 

This bracket is fully compatible with Samsung, Sony, LG, Hisense, Vizio, TCL, Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips and Skyworth.


Highlighted Features:

1. Easily adjust the tilt of the screen from -8° to +8°

2. Universal mounting brackets fit most 50″ – 90″ LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs.

3. A unique tilt mount that can extend up to 5.2″ from the wall.

4. Designed for 16 – 24 inch wood studs, which provide a wide range of space for bolting down.  


Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Swivel and Dual Arms


Are you looking for a sleek, low profile TV wall mount that can accommodate your 50 inch plasma TV? This this mounting bracket is the pick for you. This is a full motion bracket that is designed to fit most 42-75 inch LED, LCD, OLED, and plasma flat screen TVs. It also has a large tilting range to provide the perfect viewing angle.

This mount is a commercial grade design with a weight capacity of 100lbs. The VESA mounting pattern is from 200×100 to 600×400 mm, making it ideal for the heavier TVs. This easy to install lcd rack can attach to wood and solid concrete walls.


Highlighted Features:

1. This TV wall mount bracket is full motion and fits most 42-75 inch plasma flat screen TVs.

2. It has a tilt range of +5° to -15° degrees, and a ±45° swivel, making it easy to find that perfect viewing angle.

3. The mount can hold up to 100lbs and the distance form the wall is 2.5″, with a 16.6 inch extension.

4. It is made of durable metal and a black color finish.



Buying Guide For The Best 50 Inch Plasma Tv Wall Mount

When looking for the best wall mount for plasma TVs, it is important to take into account the specific needs of your television. For example, certain mounts may be better suited for thicker or thinner televisions. In addition, the weight of your television will also play a role in choosing the best mount.

Here are a few other factors to keep in mind when choosing a 50 inch plasma TV wall mount.

VESA compatibility: Most 50 inch plasma TV holder will have a VESA size range. This is the standard for television mounts, so it is important to make sure that the mount you choose is compatible with your TV.  It can be found on the official website of your TV company or manual that came with your TV.

Weight capacity: Each mount has a different weight capacity. Be sure to check the weight limit of the mount before purchasing to ensure that it can support your television. 

Tilt and swivel: Some mounts allow you to tilt and swivel your television. This can be helpful if you want to be able to adjust the angle of your TV. 

Installation: Some mounts are easier to install than others. If you are not comfortable installing the mount yourself, it may be worth paying a little extra to have someone else do it for you.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is A Plasma TV Too Heavy To Mount?

It depends on the TV and the mount. Typically, plasma TVs are heavier than LCD TVs, so a mount that can hold an LCD TV might not be strong enough to handle a plasma TV. It’s best to consult the mount’s specifications to be sure.

Can I Mount A Plasma Tv On The Wall?

Yes, you can mount a plasma TV on the wall.

How Do You Mount A Plasma Tv On The Wall?

There are a few ways to mount a plasma tv on the wall. the most common way is to use a mount that attaches to the back of the tv. There are also wall mounts that can be attached to the studs in the wall.

Can You Wall Mount A 50 Plasma Tv?

Yes! A 50 inch Plasma Tv can be wall mounted

Can You Mount A Heavy Plasma Tv?

Yes, mounting a heavy plasma tv is possible, but it requires a sturdy wall mount and some muscle. Make sure to use a mount that is rated for the weight of your TV.

Can You Mount A Panasonic Plasma Tv?

Yes, a Panasonic plasma TV can be mounted.

How Do I Know If My Tv Is Too Heavy For The Wall?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the weight of your TV will depend on the particular wall mount and screws you use. However, it is generally recommended that your tv weigh no more than 90 pounds for a wall mount. If your tv is heavier than this, it may be too heavy for your wall mount, and you should consider using a different mount or wall type.

How Do I Know What Weight To Mount My Tv?

Consult the mount or TV manufacturer’s guidelines to determine the weight capacity of your specific model.

How Do I Know If My Tv Will Fit My Tv Mount?

Check the VESA mount specifications of your TV. The VESA mount is the standard by which all TV mounts are measured. VESA is an international standard that defines the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes on the back of a TV. If your TV has a VESA mount, it will fit our TV mounts.




After reviewing the top 3 best 50 inch TV wall mount on the market, I believe that it will help you to make an informed decision in the future or today!

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