Best 180 Degree Tv Wall Mount – The Top 3 Products We Recommend

As technology advances, more and more people are opting to mount their televisions on the wall. This offers several benefits, including the use of wall space, a cleaner look, and better viewing angles.
However, not all televisions are created equal, and some cannot be mounted using traditional methods. This is where the 180 degree tv wall mount comes in. This mount can be used to attach televisions that have a width screen of between 17 and 90 inches. It attaches securely to the wall and can be rotated 180 degrees, giving viewers the best possible viewing angle.


Best 180 Degree TV Wall Mount



FORGING MOUNT Long Arm TV Mount 43″ Extension For Flat or Curved TVs

FORGING MOUNT Long Arm TV Mount, 43 inch Extension


A FORGING MOUNT Long Arm TV Mount is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a full-motion, 180-degree wide-angle, and adjustable wall mount for their television. This mount can extend up to 43 inches from the wall, is perfect for larger televisions, and has a weight capacity of 110 lbs. The mount is also VESA compatible up to 400x400mm making it compatible with most televisions and monitor sizes.

The mount is really sturdy and can hold my TV up without any problems. The extension is also a great feature and makes it easy to view my TV from any angle. Installation is simple, and all necessary hardware and instructions are included.

Highlighted Features:

1. The Forging Mount is a full-motion wall mount that can extend up to 43″ out from the wall and rotate to provide a variety of viewing angles.
2. It features an automated cable management system to keep cords organized and hidden from view.
3. The mount can hold TVs or monitors up to 55 inches in size and weight up to 110 pounds.
4. It is compatible with VESA mounting patterns up to 400x400mm.
5. The Forging Mount is easy to install and comes with all necessary mounting hardware.



Full Motion TV Wall Mount With Single Articulating Arm Heavy Duty

Pipishell Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 26-60 Inch


The Pipishell Full Motion TV Wall Mount is a heavy-duty single articulating arm TV bracket that can hold most 26-55 inch flat or curved TVs with a weight capacity of up to 99 lbs and compatible with VESA standards up to 400x400mm. The bracket also has a swivel range of 180 degrees, a tilt range of -15 degrees to +5 degrees, and a level adjustment of 2 degrees, making it perfect for getting the perfect viewing angle.

The mount features a swivel and tilt adjustment, as well as an adjustable level, to ensure your TV is always perfectly aligned. The articulating arm also provides for a much wider range of viewing angles. The mount is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions.

Highlighted Features:

1. The full motion TV wall mount is very sturdy and can hold up to 99lbs.
2. It has a single articulating arm that allows for a lot of movement, including swiveling, tilting, and leveling adjustment.
3. This mount is easy to install and is perfect for TVs between 26 and 55 inches in size.
4. It offers great value for the price and is a great option for those looking for a quality wall mount.
5. The mount has a built-in bubble level to ensure accurate positioning.



Mounting Dream Long Arm TV Wall Mount For 42-90 Inch TVs 

Mounting Dream Long Arm TV Wall Mount for 42-90 Inch


Mounting Dream Long Arm TV Wall Mount for Most 42-90 Inch TV. This full motion TV mount is designed to work with TVs that have a VESA mounting pattern of 800x400mm or smaller and can support a weight of up to 150 lbs with 40 degree long extension.

The Mounting Dream Wall Mount is made from high-grade steel for superior strength and durability, and it comes with a 16″, 18″, or 24″ wall stud mounting bracket for easy installation. This mount also includes a 40 long extension arm for extra reach, and it has a 360 swivel and a 15 degree tilt range so you can find the perfect viewing angle.

Highlighted Features:

1. Mounting Dream is a dependable and well-known brand for TV mounts.

2. The mount is extendable up to 40 inches to fit even the largest TVs.

4. The mount swivels and tilts to ensure the perfect viewing angle.

5. The mount is capable of holding TVs up to 150 lbs, fits 42-90 inch TVs, and supports VESA patterns up to 800*400 mm.



Frequently Asked Questions


Will A 180 Degree TV Wall Mount Fit My TV?

Most likely, but it depends on the make and model of your TV.


How Safe Is A Wall Mounted Tv?

Wall-mounted TVs are typically safe, but it is always important to check the weight capacity of the wall mount and the studs in the wall before installation.


What Angle Should A Tv Be Mounted?

The optimum viewing angle for television is directly in front of it, at eye level. This ensures that the viewer is seeing the screen straight on and minimizes the likelihood of experiencing distortion or reflections. If it is not possible to view the tv at eye level, then the next best option is to mount it as close to eye level as possible.


How Far Can A Tv Mount Swivel?

Tv mounts typically swivel 180 degrees, give or take a few degrees.


Can Tv Mounts Turn 90 Degrees?

It depends on the type of TV mount. Some TV mounts can only swivel so that the TV is perpendicular to the wall, while others have more range of motion and can be turned to face the opposite direction.


Can TV Wall Mounts Swivel?

Yes, TV wall mounts can swivel. This allows you to adjust the angle of your tv so that you can see it more comfortably. Some mounts even have a tilting feature, which allows you to adjust the angle of the tv up or down.


Can You Mount A TV Sideways?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question as it depends on the specific TV and mount that you are using. However, in general, most TVs can be mounted sideways if you use the correct mount and screws.


Do TV Wall Mounts Move?

TV wall mounts do move and typically come with a range of motion to allow for different viewing angles. It is important to check the range of motion before purchasing a tv wall mount to ensure it will work for your needs. Some mounts also include a tilt feature to adjust the angle of the screen.


Do TV Mounts Move Up And Down?

Tv Mounts typically move up and down to accommodate different size Televisions.


What Is The Difference Between Standard Wall Mount And Swivel Wall?

A standard wall mount is a piece of hardware that is attached to a wall in order to hold a television or other type of display. A swivel wall mount is a type of standard wall mount that has a pivot point that allows the television to be rotated left and right. This is useful for viewing the television from multiple angles in a room.


How Does A Swivel Tv Mount Work?

A swivel tv mount works by connecting to the back of your tv and allowing you to rotate it to the left or right. This is useful if you want to watch tv from different angles in your room.


How Does Full Motion Tv Mount Work?

A full motion tv mount is a mount that allows a television to be mounted on the wall and adjusted to different angles. This is accomplished by using a pivot point at the base of the mount that allows the television to be turned in any direction. Some full motion mounts also have the ability to tilt the television up and down, providing additional flexibility in terms of viewing angles.


Is A Full Motion Mount Worth It?

It depends on what you need it for. If you want to be able to use your TV for gaming or if you have a wall that is textured, then a full motion mount may be worth it.


How Do Full Motion Tv Mounts Work?

A full motion tv mount allows the television to be pivot, swivel, and tilt in any direction. This type of mount is ideal for large televisions, as it gives the viewer the flexibility to adjust the viewing angle to their liking. Full motion mounts usually come with a mounting bracket that attaches to the wall, and the tv is then mounted to the bracket. Some full motion mounts also include a cable management system to keep cords organized and hidden.


How Do You Mount A Swivel Mount On A Tv?

There are a few different ways that you can mount a swivel mount on a tv. One way is to use the screws that came with the mount to attach it to the back of the tv. Another way is to use the vesa mounting holes on the back of the tv and attach the mount to those.


What Is The Difference Between Full Motion And Articulating?

Full motion TVs usually have a rotating base that allows the entire screen to spin around to face any direction. This feature is great for watching tv with a group of people since everyone can see the screen no matter where they are sitting in the room. Articulating TV Mount, on the other hand, have a joint in the middle of the screen that allows it to move up and down, left and right. This feature is great for watching tv in a small living space since it can be moved to fit any viewing angle.


How Do Swivel Tv Brackets Work?

A swivel tv bracket attaches to the back of the tv and allows it to rotate left and right, so you can watch it from different angles.


Do Full Motion Tv Mounts Move Up And Down?

Full motion mounts do move up and down, as they allow users to adjust the screen to the ideal viewing height. This type of mount is ideal for TVs that are mounted on walls, as it provides a range of motion that allows the screen to be tilted and rotated to the perfect position.


Is A Full Motion Tv Wall Mount Safe?

There is no definitive answer to this question as safe mounting practices will vary depending on the wall material, the weight of the tv, and the type of mount used. However, a full motion tv wall mount can provide a more secure mounting option and it is generally thought to be safe. When selecting a wall mount, it is important to choose one that is rated for the weight of your tv.


How Do I Know How Much Weight My Tv Mount Can Hold?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can vary depending on the mount in question. However, a good rule of thumb is to multiply the weight of your tv by three to get an estimate of the mount’s weight capacity.


Can I Mount A Full Motion Tv Mount On Drywall?

If you choose to go ahead and mount your tv on drywall, be sure to use a wall mount that has a strong holding capacity.



Buying Guide For Best 180 Degree Swivel TV Mount

When looking for the best 180 degrees TV wall mount, be sure to consider the following factors:

The VESA size of your TV: Make sure to measure your TV’s VESA size before purchasing a mount, as you‘ll need to know the dimensions in order to ensure that the mount you choose will fit your TV.

The weight of your TV: Heavier TVs will require a sturdier mount, so be sure to check the weight limit of the mount you‘re considering.

The type of TV you have: If you have a plasma or LCD TV, you‘ll need to make sure that the mount you choose is compatible with those types of TVs.

The location of your TV: You‘ll need to decide where you want to mount your TV before purchasing a mount, as some mounts are designed for specific locations (e.g. over a fireplace).

Your budget: Mounts can range in price from around $20 to $200, so be sure to set a budget before beginning your search.



After weighing the above article on the best 180 degree tv wall mount, it is evident that these mounting options offer many benefits. They are easy to install, incredibly sturdy and provide a great viewing angle for everyone in the room.

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